Yoni steam

with kali moon

One of our most cherished monthly gatherings is our ‘Soul Steeping’ event which consists of a divinely nurturing pairing of Yoni Steam + Tea Ceremony in a small, intimate, group setting. But, we get it, yoni steams are, well, private!

We offer private yoni steam healing where you and Kali can discuss the needs of your physical, mental, emotional womb space in a safe and supportive environment. You will be guided into a comfortable and relaxing meditative state as you receive the benefits of your yoni (vaginal) steam in a covered and comfortable position.

Yoni steams can be beneficial for menstrual pain & PMS, fertility, PCOS and endometriosis, postpartum healing, irregular/missing menstrual cycles, trauma release and emotional clearing, ovarian cysts, hemorrhoids, urinary tract infections, yeast infections, stronger and more frequent orgasms, menopause transition, womb cleansing, increase libido and reignite sexual passion, and for deepening your connection to mother nature and feminine spirit.

Yoni steams are not suitable for pregnant women, menstruation, or those with an IUD.


to Book, please send us a message at contact@medicinenest.ca

Private Yoni Steam (1 person/60 min) - $120.

Private Group Soul Steeping (3 hrs) - $300 *max. 4 people

Soul Steeping gatherings $55 first-time, $99/gathering. please See our gatherings page for upcoming dates.