Yoga & Meditation

Semi-Private Sessions

Morning Yoga + Tea

Wednesdays 8:00-9:15 AM

Listen to the water the boil in this five-element class designed to bring us back into our bodies after a night of dreaming and releasing. Based on the energetics of Chinese Medicine and a relationship with Nature's five elements, this series of asanas has been developed as a means to travel from our most ethereal bodies back into our physical body. Often referred to as the “yoga before the yoga”, this gentle asana practice will leave you feeling clear and ready for your day. Each practice ends with a meditative bowl of Tea. This class is accessible for beginners to yoga.

$15 first time

$30 single session

$125 for a 5 session pass

Please send us an e-mail at to register.

Lunar Yoga

Please see moongate gatherings.

Based on a unique cultivation of Elemental Astrology, Kali weaves together a collective story between us and the moon with special attention towards the archetypes of the divine feminine, eco-psychology, traditional Chinese Medicine, and a Shamanistic relationship with Nature’s 5 elements. Each session is designed to align the physical body with the cosmic rhythms of la luna! A time and space to feel into the mystery and depths of the unconscious feminine aspects of self and to invoke a deep sense of trust and alignment in the unfolding of your life's path. Uniquely cultivated by Kali herself, you will not find this class anywhere else!