Sarah downey

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Sarah facilitates Akashic Records reviews to assist people to clear blocks and identify their strengths and gifts - to support them to move forwards in their life with greater ease, success and inner peace. 

It’s the perfect time for a session with Sarah if you are: 

* at a crossroads in your life 

* are grappling with your sense of purpose

* or, are troubled by issues that you feel may be past life related 

Sarah’s approach to intuitive work is down-to-earth and grounded in the realities of daily life. Sarah balances spirituality with material plane common sense and brings you information that you can really put to use in your life.  


Past Life Reading $130

A past life reading with Sarah sheds light on significant past life events that are holding you back. If you have the desire to let go and move forwards, the session will also allow for deep healing and removal of blocks. Resolve and dissolve karmic relationships from previous lifetimes and gain new clarity. The result is deeply transformational and simply must be experienced. Read more and book here.

Tarot Reading $120

A Tarot reading with Sarah will offer you a fresh perspective and bring you clarity on what is current for you in your life. The cards act as a bridge between the world of spirit and the physical. Sarah works with guides to both deliver messages and interpret the cards.  A tarot reading will amplify your positive personal evolution and growth while helping you tune into your own intuition. Read more and book here.


Sarah has an amazing capacity to help others overcome obstacles, meet their goals, address their weaknesses and find their strengths. If you are in a state of mind to be helped, Sarah’s assistance can make all the difference in the world to your success.
— Sonia
Sarah has a rare gift to be able to facilitate your powerful reconnection with your highest self and soul purpose in this life. Since having my reading with Sarah I am clear in my purpose and am living so much joy, creativity and abundance. I highly recommend Sarah - her and her work are a treasure!
— Kaitlyn
I feel at such ease now Sarah. I feel like the clarity and roots that I’ve been searching for for the last five years is in alignment. Everything makes complete sense now. I am so grateful! I am telling many of my friends and loved ones about you.
— Daniella