Rising star

with kali moon

The Rising Star is a 21-day healing process that clears the energy fields connected to the physical body (the chakras) and the energy fields outside the body (the aura). This modality dates back to the Temple of Truth in ancient Egypt and is connected to the Tibetan lineage of Manjushri (the bodhisattva of wisdom).

The Rising Star is a solar energy that is directed through the chakra system, working on the five elements—fire, water, air, earth, and ether—to balance and heal your being on all levels. A single treatment raises the vibration of your energy fields and increases your capacity to hold more life force energy. 

This high vibration energy moves through each of your seven main chakras three times, focusing on one chakra per day over the course of three weeks, clearing out energetic debris and creating more space for you to hold Light.

If you're feeling called to step into a higher expression of yourself and your purpose, then this will clear the path and pave the runway. 

For optimal results, we recommend booking a series—three consecutive sessions, one every three weeks over the course of nine weeks. In our experience, this is the best way to deepen your healing, increase your capacity, and see faster results. Combine your Rising Star sessions with Kali’s Holistic Healing program for 15 weeks of personalized healing guaranteed to create lasting transformation and individualized support.


to book, please send us a message at contact@medicinenest.ca

Single rising star session - $150

3 session package - $400 ($450 value)

Rising Star + Holistic healing Program - 100+ days - $1499