Tea ceremony

with kali moon

Tea Ceremony is about creating a space of reverence for the plant teacher, plant medicine, and plant spirit of Tea. When we show up for Tea, she shows up for us.  As we open ourselves to her magic she begins to heal us on a multitude of levels. She is gentle, warm & inviting as she works with your Chi (energy) and unlocks the wisdom of your heart. Every sit with Tea is an opportunity for deep healing, deep connection and deep presence as she meets you exactly where are and gives you just what you need. It is a truly profound sensory exploration of the 5 elements. As the heat from the hot water unfurls and unlocks the wisdom of the Tea leaf,  the steam rises letting go of all that needs to be released. The smell of the Tea leaves dance around you as you bring the medicine to your lips. The taste, like a healing river, flows into your body. You no longer know where Tea ends and you begin. Together as one, you connect, you heal and you remember. A practice of both personal ceremony and/or communal ritual that is much needed in our world today. 

Benefits of Tea Ceremony include - creates a state of balance in your mind, body, + soul, increases relaxation and awareness, moves Qi (chi) energy, promotes gratitude & presence, deepens your connection to nature and the five elements, provides the framework for a consistent Meditation practice, prolongs health and longevity, cultivates community and connection to divine source.

In a world that so often asks,

'“how are you doing?”

Tea asks us,

“how are you being?”

Tea Ceremony Victoria

To book, please send us a message at contact@medicinenest.ca

Private Tea Ceremony (1 person/60 min) $120.

Private Group Tea Ceremony (2-3 people/90 min) $150. For larger groups, please inquire at contact@medicinenest.ca

CommuniTEA gatherings (sliding scale) $30-$40. Please see gatherings for upcoming dates.