Naturopathic medicine

Welcome to your sacred space for deep healing. Dr. Ariel Jones is our virtual ‘resident’ Naturopathic Doctor offering consults from Hawaii! Her approach to natural medicine is so in alignment with Medicine Nest’s values that we just had to have her a part of our team! Long-time resident of Victoria, BC., Dr. Ariel’s naturopathic medicine consults are one-of-a-kind! Each healing sets aside time for listening to your story and how you are feeling. Using her tools for investigation you will explore all areas of health including the mental, physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual as you feel comfortable. Possibilities of support will come from her knowledge in plant medicine, nutrition, acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, vitamin & mineral supplements, homeopathy, pharmaceutical medication, reiki and energy healing, crystal healing, water fasting & deep detox. You will work together to gently guide you back to a more balanced state that feels good.

Naturopathic Medicine consults cost $150 and may include unique recommendations as prescribed by Dr. Ariel Jones for optimal health.

Self-Care Membership $191/month: includes one holistic healing + four semi-private yoga sessions.

Naturopathic Medicine Victoria