Moongate Gatherings at Medicine Nest

Ceremony. Movement. & sisterhood.

The first Moongate Gathering in Victoria was held informally on the eve of December 17, 2017 at Medicine Nest. Kali and a group of sisters had gathered to commune under the moon in ceremony on a quest for deeper insight and self-knowledge. In the fresh, fertile soil of the New Moon a seed was planted, and two weeks later the sisters gathered again to bring in the New Year under the potent Full Wolf Moon. And the workings of bi-weekly Moongate Gatherings began…

Kali experienced a potent initiation with the moon while in Indonesia in December 2016 and has been refining the offering of a bi-weekly sisterly gathering ever since. It is truly her deepest passion to share in sacred ceremony with her sisters and to share in the wisdom of the moon. Each gathering facilitates a deeper connection to our hearts and bodies while aligning our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self with La Luna. Based on a unique cultivation of Elemental Astrology, Kali weaves together a collective story between us and the moon with special attention towards the archetypes of the divine feminine, eco-psychology, traditional Chinese Medicine, a Shamanistic relationship with Nature’s 5 elements, and a deep love for ceremony. Each gathering gently guides women back to the place of intuitive softness that resides within the heart and womb.

What to expect: moon wisdom, lunar yoga, ceremony + ritual, authentic connection, and potent transformation.

Please see our gatherings page for upcoming scheduled dates.

Single Moongate Gathering: $99, First-time offer $55

Moon sister membership $150

I have been attending Kali’s Moongate Gatherings for a while and I can honestly say that it has changed my life. She has created such an amazing space that I feel at ease the moment I walk through the door, like I have come home in every spiritual sense. Her Moongate Gatherings have taught me that life is not what we expect, and that sometimes the best and most powerful emotions and experiences happen when we let go of expectations. I feel an immediate sense of security and safety in the gatherings to allow any and every feeling and emotions that comes up. There is a sense of connection from my body to the Moon and the flow during the Lunar Yoga portion of the evenings. It is, in every sense of the word, a sisterhood. I have met, and continue to meet, amazing women to share my deepening connection to Mother Nature, the Moon, myself and others. Kali’s Moongate Gatherings are a truly wonderful and fulfilling experience. She puts so much of herself, her love, creativity and knowledge into the gatherings and truly makes it a special place to be myself
— - E.M, Moon Sister