Luna Fisher, R.Ac.


Luna is a Registered Acupuncturist with the CTCMA Regulatory body of British Columbia, Certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher and Harm Reduction Worker at the Harbour Safe Consumption Site.

Luna offers embodied medicine and heart-centred ceremonial healings to nourish your heart & Spirit. She holds a focus on mental health, metaphysical well-being, and emotional release. Her goal is to create an alignment between the patient and the ebbs and flows of nature to achieve optimal wellness within every season and moon cycle.

Luna’s healing education has its deepest roots in the sacred Kootenay mountains of Nelson, BC. After receiving her Reiki Master accreditation at the Healing Centre, she spent the first two years of her Chinese medicine program at the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences. She gained her foundational knowledge through exploring and embodying traditional therapies; studying classical teachings to enhance her understanding of this healing art. She felt called to expand and evolve herself, which led to the healing waves of Vancouver Island where she completed her acupuncture diploma at Pacific Rim College. She was exposed to a western approach to Chinese medicine, which taught her how to respectfully bridge the gap between Eastern ancient healing methods and a modern lifestyle.

After experiencing the majority of her life with debilitating anxiety and panic attacks, Luna explored many western treatment methods to find relief. It wasn’t until she dove into the world of “alternative medicine” or holistic healing, that her mental health was revolutionized. What she now offers to you – are healings that focus on the ROOT cause of these emotional states - the real underlying issues - that express themselves as anxiety, depressive states, addiction, and the like.


Acupuncture with reiki & sound healing $120

The most popular and well-known modality of Chinese medicine, acupuncture is characterized by the insertion of extremely thin needles along the meridian energy pathways that communicate throughout the body. This treatment is utilized to enhance the body’s own ability to rectify wellness. Luna infuses each session with heart-centred reiki medicine & sound therapies to create a profound, ceremonial healing experience.

acupuncture COSMETIC facial $120

Acupuncture wellness facial that improves complexion using needles/Gua sha/cupping/energy work while also addressing digestion, emotional well-being, self-image, sleep and much more.

acupuncture+ with cupping or facial $150

Acupuncture+ healings include one full acupuncture healing with reiki and sound healing PLUS the option to include either traditional fire cupping OR a holistic acupuncture facial. 

cupping MASSAGE+ $120

Traditional Chinese fire cupping is a popular and powerful healing modality that utilizes the vacuum created by a flame in a glass cup for various health benefits. These cups are placed on the muscles along the spine and back to; detoxify, boost immune function, improve digestion, encourage blood circulation, and relieve pain. Luna applies her knowledge of the TCM meridian system (energy pathways that connect all the systems in the body) to enhance this healing with individualized acupressure (holding pressure on specific acupoints on the body for a desired effect), and relaxation massage techniques to create a wellness-centred experience that feels as good as the health benefits that follow.

indian head massage with reiki & sound $90

Using warm oil, the head, shoulders, and neck are addressed through Ayurvedic massage
techniques to heavily sedate the nervous system in order to create deep relaxation. The analgesic effects of this treatment target symptoms such as headaches, brain fog, anxiety, insomnia, stress, and muscle tension. Reiki is a type of energy healing where the practitioner holds immense presence and healing intention through the heart chakra. This creates a profound healing environment that dissolves stress & tensions in the body and mind, induces emotional healing, balances the chakra system, enhances self-healing processes, and moves stagnant emotions to regain clarity. Sound healing elements are also incorporated throughout this session to bring you into a meditative state to promote deep healing.

wellness facial $90

Includes facial-acupressure (no needling), massage, facial-cupping, gua-sha, jade-rolling and the usage of organic products to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, even out skin tone, reduce redness, induce lymphatic drainage (reduces puffiness), and helps tone and relax the facial muscles for anti-aging effects and glowing skin.


coming soon.