Kali moon

Kali Healing Yoga Tea Ceremony Victoria

Founder of Medicine NEST & Wild Moon Retreats

What started as a curiosity for the human experience soon led kali down a spiritual path of self-discovery and conscious living that captured her mind, body, heart & soul. She began to live a life of ritual and prayer, allowing herself to become an offering to life and those around her. 

It was through a global study of yoga, psychology, astrology, meditation, energy work, and the guidance of many great teachers that Kali came to her unique combination of offerings. From western depth psychology & shadow work to traditional and tantric yoga, shamanistic ritual & zen philosophies, her passion for navigating the spiritual and earthly realms of existence extends far and wide. She is an intuitive and holistic healer, who speaks through grounding earth-based modalities that help you reclaim the true healing wisdom that lies within yourself.  Her vision at Medicine Nest is to inspire conscious exploration and self-inquiry in a beautiful, safe and intentional space for our community. Kali offers a movement of holistic healing & sacred gathering in alignment with Nature.

Her mission is to inspire and to create opportunities for self-discovery and acceptance. To embrace all parts of the Self by calling in a relationship with our mind, body & spirit. And to align the natural rhythms in our bodies with the world around us for healing and exploration both on and off the mat.


Private Tea ceremony meditation $120-$150

Tea Ceremony is about creating a space of reverence for the plant teacher, plant medicine, and plant spirit of Tea. When we show up for Tea, she shows up for us.  As we open ourselves to her magic she begins to heal us on a multitude of levels. She is gentle, warm & inviting as she works with your Chi (energy) and unlocks the wisdom of your heart. Every sit with Tea is an opportunity for deep healing, deep connection and deep presence as she meets you exactly where are and gives you just what you need. Read more here.

Prema Birthing $150

Prema Birthing is a divine rebirth that will return you to your essential vibration, reconnecting you to the Divine Mother / Father as your Source, and restoring the flow of abundance and unconditional love. This healing modality is connected to the Divine Feminine and dates back to the ancient Egyptian sleep temples. A Prema Birthing session can often bring healing to your relationship with your parents—especially your mother—and clear unresolved emotions, karma, and stagnant energy. Read more here.

Rising Star healing $150

The Rising Star is a 21-day healing process that clears the energy fields connected to the physical body (the chakras) and the energy fields outside the body (the aura). This modality dates back to the Temple of Truth in ancient Egypt and is connected to the Tibetan lineage of Manjushri (the bodhisattva of wisdom). The Rising Star is a solar energy that is directed through the chakra system, working on the five elements—fire, water, air, earth, and ether—to balance and heal your being on all levels. A single treatment raises the vibration of your energy fields and increases your capacity to hold more life force energy. Healings can be done in-person or remotely. Read more here.

Morning Yoga and Tea Weekly Sessions $30

Listen to the water the boil in this five-element class designed to bring us back into our bodies after a night of dreaming and releasing. Based on the energetics of Chinese Medicine and a relationship with Nature's five elements, this series of asanas has been developed by your teacher as a means to travel from our most ethereal bodies down into our physical body. This short asana practice will leave you feeling clear and ready for your day. Each practice will end with a meditative bowl of Tea. Register here.

Elemental yoga therapy

Elemental Yoga is an offering to life itself through an alignment of the physical, mental, emotional and energetic qualities of our inner nature. Based on the energetics of traditional Chinese Medicine and a shamanistic relationship to Nature's five elements, this full-spectrum yoga practice is designed using simple practices of eco-psychology, asana, pranayama, and meditation to bring harmony to the body, mind and spirit! Each registered series includes Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Space sessions. Each element calls forth entirely different qualities of practice to unravel and re-align the elements within their own systems. Book private yoga therapy sessions here.

Moongate gatherings $99

Ceremony, movement & sisterhood. Each gathering facilitates a deeper connection to our hearts and bodies while aligning our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self with La Luna. Based on a unique cultivation of Elemental Astrology, Kali weaves together a collective story between us and the moon with special attention towards the archetypes of the divine feminine, eco-psychology, traditional Chinese Medicine, a Shamanistic relationship with Nature’s 5 elements, and a deep love for ceremony. Each gathering gently guides women back to the place of intuitive softness that resides within the heart and womb. Read more about upcoming gatherings here.

Soul Steeping $88

Nurturing the divine Feminine. Join Kali Moon and Ocian Flo for an enticing and sensual experience of soul nurturance. Bathe in the gifts of a melodic Yoni steam and Tea Ceremony as you receive the healing elixir of plant medicines. Steep your Soul in a gentle & loving experience designed to cleanse, soften & extract the Divine Feminine harmony within. Read more and register here.

Mind-body therapy (Pricing varies)

Custom-designed healing programs designed around the four phases of holistic healing; giving + doing (masculine) and receiving + being (feminine). Based on a unique blend of elemental yoga therapy, tea ceremony meditation, energy healing, and holistic counselling. Read more here.



Prior to my experiences with Kali, I did not know the light that exists within me. Kali’s light, passion, faith and kindness are infused into everything she does, from yoga itself to planning and hosting week-long retreats. I cannot wait for my next experience!
— Paige
I recently had the pleasure of partaking in a Tea Ceremony with Kali. The ceremony was nothing short of sacred. Kali has a beautiful way of creating space and exuding peacefulness. I instantly felt calm and centered at the beginning of the ceremony. We sat facing each other, with the tea in between and she started with an intentional smudging. As she held space, and poured the hot liquid for me, cup and cup again, I was transported to a place of bliss. I sat with my eyes closed for the whole journey, feeling safe and nourished. At the closing of the ceremony Kali offered a short tarot card reading, which was a wonderful, insightful way to close. All in all, it was a magical experience. I look forward to more exploration of tea and holistic healing with Kali in the future. Thank you!
— Erika
My first tea ceremony with Kali was one of the greatest gifts I could ever receive and I will never forget that day. I truly cannot thank Kali enough nor can I explain how grateful I am. It was a huge shift for me that will change my whole life. The day after, I remember being so focused on rebuilding a relationship with myself and the people I love. I felt so different than I had in such a long time. Something unlocked or clicked inside of me that had been blocked for 25 years. I see everything so differently now. I feel like a different person. That one tea ceremony truly changed my life.
— Carley
Kali is by far one of my favourite yoga teachers! She will gently guide you through the postures with an open heart. I can’t wait to experience Kali’s class again.
— Tori
I went to Peru with Kali in May of 2017 and what a life changing experience. Every little detail was meticulously planned to make the experience an incredible and unforgettable one. She was there for me and the group every step of the way. The different meditations, activities, adventures and ceremonies were out of this world. I have grown exponentially in knowledge, self love and acceptance after spending 2 weeks with Kali on her Journey H(om)e retreat in Peru.
— Charlie