Justin barnard


2011-2012 Spa Therapy Diploma, Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage

2013 Prenatal Massage Training with Paula Jasper, Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage

2013 Pelvis and Lower Back Joint Release Training with Amaro Hograefer, Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage

2018 Yogassage Training with Kelly Wadden and Brit Firth, Moksha, Victoria

2016-to-date Soul Medicine and Sound Healing Training with Sah’Rah Kerfoot and André Nobels, Blue Apples, Gabriola Island

2017 Dreamtime Didgeridio with Shine, Hollyhock, Cortes Island

With over eight years of uninterrupted experience in his field, Justin is highly qualified to create personalized, truly unique sessions that unite bodywork, sound healing, and plant medicine.

Justin brings to the table his knowledge of a wide range of massage techniques and traditions including deep tissue, deep flow, joint release, prenatal, reflexology, aromatherapy, energy work, Swedish, and Zen Shiatsu that will enhance mobility and flexibility as well as relieve tension and pain.

As an accomplished musician, he uses chant, tuning forks, and instruments such as the didjeridoo and shruti box, chimes, and Tibetan singing bowls to soothe energy frequencies and consolidate the healing experience.

Justin’s spiritual roots stem from his longstanding experiential knowledge and reverence for ceremonial plant medicines hailing from Vancouver Island, the Amazon rainforest, the Hawaiian Islands, and beyond.

An active listener, his sessions are designed to address individual needs in a private, custom-tailored healing ceremony.


medicine massage (60 min)

An intuitively-designed full body massage harnessing a wide variety of mixed modalities from Justin’s extensive healing arts background.

medicine massage with sound healing (90 min)

A full body massage and sound bath experience that will immerse your entire being with love frequencies designed to heal from head to toe, heart to soul.

plant medicine add-on $40*

Available upon request. Please inquire in studio.



I have been a client of Justin Barnard since April 2016, seeing him weekly for massage as the key component of my strategy to control severe chronic pain from two degenerative conditions, osteoarthritis of the spine and lumbar scoliosis. As a highly qualified and experienced practitioner, Justin has offered me non-invasive and sustainable alternatives to surgery, nerve ablation, and opioids. He is very adept in applying according to need a variety of techniques not only to alleviate pain, but to help redress my curvature. Professionalism and mindfulness are trademarks of Justin’s sessions. He unfailingly combines strength with gentleness, precision, and effectiveness. His holistic approach to my health has helped me to achieve integral wellness.
— Beatriz de Alba-Koch, PhD