Jumana Risheq

With her roots of origin and soul originating from the valleys and deserts of Jordan and Palestine, and her branches and heart on the coastlines of unseeded Lekwungen territory, Jumana offers the fruits of her ongoing study and practice in the healing arts. Her work encompasses and weaves the modalities of herbal medicine, both clinical and holistic, ayurvedic therapy, movement therapy, including yoga, barre and intuitive movement, spiritual and physical encompassing workshop and ceremony facilitation, and poetic writing. She holds with joyful and grounded gratitude the opportunity to support you in the process of your healing, exploration of actualization, and serving as an ally in your deepening relationship to the land, life and your healing capacity.

Jumana has been dancing through a journey on the path of the healing arts for eight years, taking her to the Himalayas, deserts of Jordan, jungles of Costa Rica and rainforests of the Pacific Northwest. This journey has included the modalities of elemental alchemy, movement therapy, yoga, barre, martial arts, medical herbalism, shamanistic journeying, vipassana meditation and ayurvedic nutrition. This ongoing path has brought her to an E-RYT 200 hour yoga certification from the Pranava yogadhama Mysore trust, an advanced medical herbalism diploma from Pacific Rim College, Barre certification with Alive-mind body, mentorship and knowledge preservation with the Ammarin Bedouin tribe and clinical practice in movement therapy and herbal medicine since 2013.

The various lenses through which she has learned the arts of medicine and movement have taught her that the mystical, and physical are two sides of the same coin and that there are as many paths to cultivating wholeness as there are souls on earth. She is now offering all that has been invested in her through a clinical herbal medicine practice with a focus on chronic and complex conditions, somatic healing, reconnection to ancestry and self-actualizations. She is facilitating workshops and embodied medicine ceremonies, private and group movement therapy and informative poetry on eros-ecology, transformation and the forgotten mythos. Her series, the herbal allies gathering, follows the thread of exploring the patterns of life taught by the natural world and the application of this knowledge in understanding our constitution and health, both on the mystical and physical journey in an embodied ceremonial space. The foundation which weaves each modality is presence and connection which is non-judgmental but discerning, trauma-informed, inclusive and with its roots in the understanding that as a physician her role is to be a medium between the natural world, your innate healing capacity and you.

An embodied sense of connection and authenticity in the practices which bring you home to yourself are the leading ethic of Jumanas work; she meets each being with deep listening and compassionate clarity. Humbly and with gratitude for the gift of facilitating re-connection and sensory experiencing, she looks forward to working with you through whichever mediums you choose and meeting your soul and physicality in ceremony space.