with kali moon

Reactivate and realign the natural rhythms of your body with the natural rhythms of the world through elemental yoga therapy, astrology reading, tea ceremony meditation, holistic counseling, and energy healing. This custom-designed program is unique unto itself in creating a holistic and multifaceted approach to overall healing. Based on the four states of existence; giving + doing (masculine) and receiving + being (feminine) to facilitate a harmonious and whole individual.

Kali only works intensively with 1-2 clients per month to ensure that each individual receives her utmost attention and access to her extensive knowledge and resources.

HOLISTIC HEALING Yoga Therapy Victoria

To book, please send us a message at contact@medicinenest.ca

Initial Consult in the form of tea ceremony (90 minutes) - $150

4 week program - $555

8 week program - $999