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Yoga for Sleep

  • Medicine NEST 532 Herald Street Victoria, BC, V8W 1S6 Canada (map)

The transition from day to night, from wakefulness to sleep can be challenging for some.  A busy day, a worried mind, stressful thoughts or any number of reasons can keep one from settling quickly and easily into a restful nights sleep.

In this workshop we will play and explore our mind/body connection through movement and breath which will be followed by a yoga nidra class. 

Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation allowing access to our subconscious mind. This type of meditation is designed to allow participants not only the well-being of deep relaxation but also to reinforce good habits and change undesired habits. Yoga Nidra has proven very effective in many areas of health including insomnia, pain management, dealing with loss, goal setting and improving relationships. It has been beneficial in the healing process of physical, mental, emotional & spiritual trauma.

This workshop is immensely effective for those looking to reduce stress and improve one's mental and emotional health. We will practice a simple easy and powerful meditation technique You can expect to leave feeling calm, grounded and light.

Yoga nidra is a simple and easy meditation technique; open to anyone at any age, at any level of practice.


Annette Magled 

Annette is a Therapeutic Yoga  Instructor and hold certifications in Nutrition, Reiki, and  Reflexology. For over 20 years she has been helping people improve their relationships with themselves.

She begins with awakening your awareness and this is where her passion comes in; playing with the breath, thought and movement. What you think, how you breathe, eat and move are the places she likes to bring attention. Small mindful practices are key to the path of wellness.  Annette takes a spiritual philosophy in her practice.  When our attention is raised and we practice, change begins to take place.