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The Nature of Karma & The Pulse of Life

  • Medicine NEST 532 Herald Street Victoria, BC, V8W 1S6 Canada (map)


Exploring the Koshas to Discover the Root & Path to Transcending Patterns, Followed by Ajapa Japa Dharana Meditation

We all have areas in our lives we would like to improve upon, but there always seems to be something that holding us back or tripping us up. Whether it be challenging relationships, personal health issues, or other blockages in moving forward, it is actually our own patterns, our repeated self-sabotage, that ultimately prevents us from connecting with the deepest part of ourselves where we are whole and complete, and able to be our best version of ourselves.

Join Shivani Howe in this 2.5-hour theory-based workshop where we will look at the Koshas, or layers of our own embodiment, as being the origin from where our experiences cascade into being as perceptions of karmic patterns that manifest first from archetype, to mind, to emotion, and finally as our physical experience or reality. Using basic chakra psychology, we will trace our own patterns from our physical experience back to its root archetype. Lastly, we will identify which Yogic tools, such as asana, pranayama and meditation, we may use to better understand and assist in our own personal healing.

To close the workshop, we will go even deeper into our yogic experience with an Ajapa Japa meditation. Ajapa Japa is a practice of Dharana, or concentration, and is also a key practice in preparing the mind and body for Dhyana, or true meditation. It enables one to tap into the pulse of prana, or life force energy, to refine the nervous system and strengthen the mind, thus preparing the body for Kriyas and the awakening of Ma Kundalini.

Cost: $55