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Manage Your Stress and Change Your Life (R)

MANAGE YOUR STRESS AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE: A six week registered series

Stress is a major influence on your quality of health; what if you could change how it impacts you? 

Join us for our upcoming six-week practical series and learn how exploring and managing stress can change your life. 

Using the Experience-Based Dynamic Learning Approach © (2017 Christa Martel-Perry) each week we will explore new skills, thought processes encompassed in stress and the creation of innovative responses to handle stress in your everyday life. 

Six Week Outline:

Week one will be spent defining what stress is and what it looks like for each of us. We will look at research on our nervous systems under stress and begin with personal reflection.

Week two we will reflect on our personal stories and will consider how stress might have impacted what we believe about ourselves. We will practice re-framing our thoughts in order to begin changing the ones that might be harmful for us in the long run.

Week three will be focused on our bodies. We will consider how stress might influence our abilities to feel our bodies sensations and impact our interpretations of them. 

Week four expands on week three by looking at core body sensations, feelings, and expressing them.  We will explore how repressing the experience of our feelings can affect our overall health. Together we will discuss how stress may play a part in why we hold onto what we need to express, and how we can begin to express ourselves.

Week five concentrates on what we can do to actually de-stress and considers all aspects of our health and well-being. We will discuss and work-out what is best for us and look at strategies of de-stressing/self-care moving forward. 

Week six is a discussion on boundaries and what they look like in our lives. We will talk about how boundaries can help us manage the stress we feel and what it means to put boundaries in place. 

About Your Facilitator:

As part of her practicum training Sage Schmied will be facilitating this six-week series on stress. Sage is a practicum student training under the supervision of certified Life Skills Coach Christa Martel-Perry. Sage has put on workshops across Alberta and British Columbia, facilitated support groups and worked with one-on-one clients.  She is passionate about supporting people in figuring out what works best for them and sharing tools and skills that have worked for her. Sage strongly believes that everyone has something to teach and that we are always learning. When she is not working with people, she loves to craft, knit and crochet.

Cost: $180/person