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Moongate Gathering: New Moon in Sagittarius

  • Medicine NEST 532 Herald Street Victoria, BC, V8W 1S6 Canada (map)

A gathering of ceremony, movement, and sisterhood. Join us under the New Moon in Sagittarius for an evening of expansion and listening. As the sun bows down to the feminine counterpart of the moon, we our wrapped in a cocoon of loving darkness. A darkness that allows the light to be seen more clearly. With clarity and focus, we will begin to align ourselves with our final lunar cycle of the DECADE! An extremely potent time of gathering as we prepare for a year of utmost brilliance, truth, clarity, and new beginning.

We will begin our moon circle in sharing and discussion of the astrology of the time along with authentic connection and presence to our sisters. Followed by a Lunar Yoga class and henna circle. Along with guest co-facilitator Karelia Sunflower of Karmik Henna, each sister will be adorned with a henna symbol of their choosing representing their intentions for the final lunar cycle and/or their intentions for the New Year.

Open to women and those identifying as female.

Loving exchange: $55 first-time, $99 single gathering, $150/month Moon Sister Membership (3 mo. commitment).

Please send a message to or text Kali at (778) 548-3733 to reserve your spot. Limited spots available.

About your facilitator:
Kali offers a movement of holistic healing & sacred gathering in alignment with Nature. Her mission is to inspire and to create opportunities for self-discovery and self-inquiry. To embrace all parts of the Self by calling in a relationship with our mind, body & spirit. And to align the natural rhythms in our bodies with the world around us for healing and exploration both on and off the mat. It is truly her deepest passion to share in ceremony with her sisters and to share in the wisdom of the moon. Each gathering facilitates a deeper connection to our hearts and bodies while aligning our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self with La Luna. Based on a unique cultivation of Elemental Astrology, Kali weaves together a collective story between us and the moon with special attention towards the archetypes of the divine feminine, eco-psychology, a Shamanistic relationship with Nature’s 5 elements, and a deep love for ceremony. Each gathering gently guides women back to the place of intuitive softness that resides within their heart and womb.

Karmik Henna: The henna plant has been used for thousands of years across many continents, cultures, and religions. Traditionally henna is used for celebration and beautification-- in today’s busy world, we simply need to take the time to celebrate ourselves and feed our soul with beautiful adornments. Henna on skin lasts about 2 weeks and is a wonderful ephemeral body art that can be used for setting intentions. We will be using an all-natural, home-made paste and our artist will be providing intuitive designs based on the intentions you wish to set for the coming month and/or year.

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