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corporate health wellness employee benefit program partnership

Can you envision members of your team having more harmony and balance within themselves? Would you like your employees to value the health and wellness benefits that you offer? Imagine the possibilities of having a team fully capable and invested in your success.

At Medicine NEST, our focus is on providing individuals with safe and alternative methods to achieving optimal holistic health. That means, we provide services that influence overall physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being. We know that it takes more than a daily visit to the gym to feel truly peaceful, content and happy in life. That's why we've curated our unique offerings in an accessible way for our community. 

What does that look like? 

  • Weekly semi-private yoga and meditation sessions with highly qualified teachers. 

  • Holistic Healing treatments that range from Naturopathic Medicine to tarot card readings! 

  • Monthly gatherings that support community, connection, and an overall improved quality of life.

We get it. Your employees work full-time, they have families and other responsibilities. Stress is just a common word in their vocabulary. We're here to change that and to show you how much we can positively influence your employees attitudes towards working for your company with our low time-commitment employee benefit plan.

We're looking for forward-thinking companies who are ready to step into the alternative health and wellness world of holistic healing. Companies, that are ready to up-level their team moral and wellness in new and exciting ways!

We're partnering with select local companies who wish to sponsor 2-5 employees per month to participate in Medicine Nest’s employee benefit plan. Join the other progressive businesses in Victoria that have said yes to our corporate health and wellness partnership program!


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