Caely-ANn Mcnabb

Bio Energy Healing Victoria

We are in charge of our health and wellbeing, and we have the ability to heal ourselves with a little help and guidance. Caely-Ann is currently the only Bio-Energy Healing practitioner in Victoria and is excited to share this highly effective modality with you. She loves connecting to people and would love to work with you to help you achieve your goals – be they physical, spiritual, or emotional – so you can live in balance and feel your best.

Caely-Ann is an International Bio-Energy Healing practitioner certified from Michael D’Alton’s School of Bio-Energy Healing, an Usui Holy Fire Reiki practitioner certified from Becoming Light Healing and began her formal shaman work with Rainbow Medicine Woman in Pemberton, BC. 


Bio-Energy Healing $120

Bio-Energy Healing is a non-invasive technique that achieves incredible results. It can transform lives by clearing the body's energy system of blockages - be they physical, mental or emotional, freeing you from pain and leaving you feeling free to live your fullest life. It balances your body's natural energy flow allowing it to move freely. 

Benefits can include healing of physical injuries and pain relief, deep relaxation, improved sleep, improved mood, higher confidence, new opportunities appearing in your life, calming of the mind, reduction of stress, and provide a general sense of well being. For best results a series of five sessions is recommended - four sessions once a week for four consecutive weeks with a follow up session three weeks later OR a session daily for four consecutive days with a follow up session three weeks after your fourth session. Try one session and you'll be hooked.

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My Bio-Energy Healing treatment with Caely-Ann left me feeling grounded and at ease! Caely-Ann was able to sense the pain I was feeling in my heart and provided a safe space for me to release stagnant energies. Her love and passion for crystals and energy work is inspiring! I recommend experiencing her treatments!
The Bio-energy with Caely-Ann has changed my life. In my first session I felt my heart and mind go to places that I never experienced before! I was holding back at first and the feelings were rushing fast but Caely-Ann helped me relax and let the energy find its flow. I loved the music and the final talk was very transforming.
— Jamal
I am more relaxed and also confident in feeling grounded, mentally more aware, and I feel like the tension that was wound up in my body has been released. I feel an optimism and energy I haven’t felt before.
— Adrian
I sleep much better, the chronic pain from my permanently dislocated collar-bone has eased immensely, I no longer get migraine headaches, and my energy level has increased. It has opened me up to be more aware of my feelings and has launched me down a path of personal growth. It has made me aware of the power of the mind.
— Marie
I released a lot of stagnant energy from my body and chakras during the session and came away feeling much lighter, and re-focussed. Caely-Ann is a delightful lady to work with, and I quickly felt at ease and trusting of the process she was using. I would certainly recommend her for any energy clearing work.
— Joti
I’m a lot more relaxed. I let go of stress a lot faster. I don’t have as many anxious thoughts and my shoulders and neck are more loose.
— Jennifer
Caely-Ann has a special gift, she guides you to tap into the places you need, in order to begin the work necessary to obtain the results you are looking for. She is kind, patient, and intuitive. My last bio-energy session with her was extremely helpful in unblocking mental clutter, and reconnecting with my emotional side of which I had lost track.
— Julia