The art of slow living in the fast lane...

It was during an early morning Tea ceremony at Medicine Nest that the phrase came to me: slow living in the fast lane.

It was the middle of summer and I had just finished hosting my all-women’s Wild Moon Retreat on Galiano Island with Blondy Photography. Hiring for Medicine Nest was in full-swing and preparations for our grand (re) opening were underway. Not to mention, family was visiting from out of town, friends we’re getting married AND I was going to be serving a Tea Ceremony at Blessed Coast on the upcoming weekend. It felt as though everything was happening at once, a turbo-jet launching into outer space, that was going to transcend my career, passions and dreams into a higher frequency of existence.

And here I was, in stillness, bringing my bowl of Tea to my lips and sinking deeply into this moment of quiet solitude. These moments of slow-living that brought so much joy to my fast-paced lifestyle. I didn’t want to slow down what was happening around me. I wanted to dream as big and as far as my third eye could see into inner/outer space. But I also savoured these moments of simplicity and contentment with nothing more than leaves, hot water, and a bowl. That’s when she whispered the secret to me.

The secret art of slow-living in the fast lane. I wasn’t going to stop going after my dreams or start setting limits, and I didn’t have too. The fast lane was, and still is, wide open for me to occupy. But it was up to me for how I wanted to occupy that space. Because, the thing about the practice of slow-living, is that it doesn’t actually slow you down. It stops time all-together. And it’s from that place of non-existence, that we can tap into a place of eternal possibility.

I have since dedicated myself to the practice of slow living in the fast lane. Allowing myself to dream big, fast and far, while staying rooted in the present moment with Tea by my side. A practice that I am deeply grateful for as business expands and dreams begin to manifest.

This little morsel of insight, this gift, that Tea has given me has been received by many in the Tea community.

I was pleasantly surprised to come across the following Air China commercial that highlights Tea Ceremony into the mainstream, carrying a familiar message: Live slow, Dream Fast.

I invite you to watch the commercial. Even if it is just to listen to the mesmerizing accent of Tea Specialist, Lera, from London.

I am forever grateful for the teacher of Tea, the Global Tea Hut Community, and the Tea Sage Hut for sharing the gifts of such plant wisdom in this lifetime.

Book a private Tea Ceremony with me at Medicine Nest or attend one our monthly CommuniTEA gatherings to experience the art and practice of slow-living! A time and place to feel into the dreams within your heart all the while staying peacefully connected to this moment, here and now.

With love,

Kali Moon

Founder of Medicine Nest