Bio-Energy Healing

Bio-Energy Healing is a non-invasive technique that achieves incredible results. It can transform lives by clearing the body's energy system of blockages - be they physical, mental or emotional, freeing you from pain and leaving you feeling free to live your fullest life. It balances your body's natural energy flow allowing it to move freely. For best results a series of five sessions is recommended - four sessions once a week for four consecutive weeks with a follow up session three weeks later OR a session daily for four consecutive days with a follow up session three weeks after your fourth session.

Bio-Energy healing has the benefits of healing physical injuries and pain relief, deep relaxation, improved sleep, improved mood, higher confidence, new opportunities appearing in your life, calming of the mind, reduction of stress, and an improved general sense of well being.

Bio-Energy healing costs $120 and may include other healing modalities channeled through the practitioner creating a truly unique healing experience.

Self-Care Membership $199/month: includes one holistic healing + four semi-private yoga sessions. ($270 value)

Bio Energy Healing Victoria