Brian Burningtree

Brian Bodywork Victoria

Brian Burningtree has been channeling Reiki healing for the past ten years and Reflexology in a spa environment for three years.  He's flexible, diverse and unique in his treatment options, always offering exactly what his clients need. While rooted in Reiki and Reflexology, his holistic healing sessions often extend into intuitive massage and craniosacral therapy. He's often heard laughing and enjoys time spent in nature and practicing yoga.


Intuitive Bodywork $120

Brian’s intuitive bodywork healings are a unique combination of reiki massage, reflexology and craniosacral therapy. Each healing is designed to give you exactly what you need, serving your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Read more about Brian’s healing modalities of craniosacral therapy, reiki, and reflexology here.


Brian’s intuitive touch and energy healing was exactly what my body needed! He was kind, gentle and patient. He has an incredible ability to listen and hold space for whatever you might be going through and to help you release past blockages from an energetic, emotional, mental and physical level! I highly recommend his intuitive bodywork treatments!
Brian blends the practicality of physical treatment with deep spiritual and emotional work, making his treatments incredibly effective on both levels. I have had numerous massage, reflexology, and reiki treatments from Brian, and each time I reached a level of clarity and relief that felt almost impossible. I found myself experience many “ah ha!” moments as he kneaded old stories or toxic beliefs that had lodged in my tissues. I have began a massage with a palpable knot in my back, and 20 minutes later felt the knot dissolve under his healing touch. Even a simple hand shake is enough to experience the radiant healing energy that Brian houses. For all those seeking a tangible, energetic transformation during a session, I would recommend a treatment with this remarkable man.
— Becca
I have had numerous massages with Brian and I continually leave feeling relaxed and refreshed. Brian is very kind, knowledgeable & skilled in massage. I would recommend anyone to book with him.
— Hanna