Astrology reading

with kali moon

Did you know there is a cosmic destiny written in the stars? A blueprint that is entirely unique to you?

Kali offers personalized and intuitive astrology readings grounded in elemental philosophy as taught by world-renowned astrologer and psychotherapist, Debra Silverman. A tool for compassion, self-inquiry and self-understanding, Astrology can be applied to all areas of your life. Each reading is based in both science and spirit thus allowing for deeply potent and personalized messages to come through. Through simple take home actions and messages, Kali can help you to align yourself to your full potential using astrology as the map.

Astrology Reading Victoria

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sun/moon/rising mini-reading (45 min) - $90

full natal birth chart reading (90 min) - $150

progressed moon + transit reading (60 min) - $120

category-specific reading in love & relationships or career & finance (45 min) - $90