Asia Mann

Energy Work, Birth Doula, Holistic Healing, Herbs Victoria

"Asia is a truly gifted healer and amazing human being with a pure soul." - Shirley McCooey 

“Asia brought a beautiful energy into the room for the birth of my baby.” -Naomi Jernigan

Asia is a certified holistic birth doula, E-RTY-200hr, intuitive energy worker and Ayurvedic yoga therapist. With equal emphasizes on the subtle and physical planes of a being she brings together a space full of compassion, patience, and trust. Driven by her empathetic abilities and a desire to share her passion of holistic wellness she intertwines her love of Ayurveda, herbal medicine, energy work and birth support in all her offerings to help others heal in subtle, yet deeply profound ways. All her work is guided by intuition, alongside authentic, human connection. She hopes to inspire others to live consciously, connectively, and in alignment with the rhythms of nature. Through her work as a doula, she desires to encourage holistic care and education that provides a more compassionate way of welcoming new life into existence. Through one-on-one healings, yoga sessions, birth support and sacred gatherings, Asia aims to bring forth a deeper connection to self, to others and to Nature. 

Asia is a Registered Reiki Teacher aligned with the CANADIAN reiki association, Registered Holistic Birth Doula with the bc doula association and REgistered Yoga Teacher and continuing education provider aligned internationally with yoga alliance. She is currently in School completing a Three Year diploma in Plant MEDICINE.


Divine Energy Healing Sessions $140

Designed to connect you to your highest self and ground your energy into the Earth, while accentuating the feminine yin qualities of healing, this private offering is a container of compassion and deep transformation. Held in a supportive space for buried emotions, trauma and other energetic blocks to be released allowing a harmonious flow of energy throughout the physical body. Asia infuses these healings with intuitive touches, stretches and other energetic tools while channeling a divinely inspired essence to bring forth a healing full of trust, compassion and release. These healings also work extra dimensionally to release karmic ties and perceive energetic insights that may otherwise stay hidden. 

Private Belly Blessings $140

A private healing session of crystal medicine, plant essence, and energy healing all intertwined into one ceremony. Belly blessings are about creating a compassionate, trusting space of honoring the mother. It is where we carve the time to feel and become in tune with the energetic essence of she, the divine feminine; the essence that has brought us all into the world and nurtures us once we have arrived. We will call upon this energy to flow through us, brining forth healing, patience and trust as we allow the courage and compassion of the woman who have walked this earth before us to bring our energy in alignment with our highest self and our mother archetype.

Private Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy $120-$150

Taught in a therapeutic and individualized way building knowledge and self-awareness in the healing art of Ayurveda. The poses, breath work and meditation styles are chosen with attentive care for the unique imbalances present in the mind, body and spirit. These classes are taught varying in style depending on the imbalances we are working to alleviate, the time of day, your unique make up and the season. Read more here.

 Candlelit RESTORATIVE Yoga & Reiki $45

A grounding gathering lit by candles intertwining together energy work alongside a yummy restorative yoga practice. Restorative yoga is used to reset your nervous system by entering your body into very gentle, supported, poses, creating a little “nest” for your sympathetic nervous system to feel supported in. As your sympathetic nervous system begins to rest your parasympathetic nervous system begins to restore your being. You can expect to feel grounded, calm and nourished during this beautiful practice. During this ceremony you will have the option to recive smudging, aromatherapy and if you choose intuitive touches, gentle stretchs and light massage. Please note, a hands off approach to energy work is always an option.

Belly Blessing CEREMONy $55

A night of gathering, connecting and honouring the divine feminine. Here we will explore sisterhood & motherhood together and the power that comes when woman support and hold space for one another. As we show up as our authentic selves we create and hold space for each other, giving other’s the gift of allowing them to show up as their authentic self. It is through this space we honour she, the divine feminine in all the forms she may take. In this evening we will explore plant medicine, energy work, belly blessings and other rituals in a crystal grid to connect to ourselves, each other and reflect on what were ready to release.

Holistic Birth DOula Package + Private Yoni Steam with Kail Moon $1000

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